Olympics Here We Come! Roaring Litter Turns 6wks

September 6, 2019

Final official Lion photo 

Kyle is back...YAY!!


Exposure this week included: thunder/rain, agility (midnight Olympics), chutes as back end of tunnels, birch scent work, more dogwalk, seesaw, and wobble board. Some leash training. They love the wobble board. 


Thunder and Rain:  They absolutely love the rain.  No thunder scares these babies!! 

Running of the bulls: We have graduated to three feedings per day.  They love feeding time and have the 'running of the bulls' down to a science. 

We Are Swimmers:  We swim nightly and are really getting good!

 Midnight Olympics:

Scent Work:

Bloopers (and cute pics):  

Boy's Stack/Head/Front Photos:

Girl's Stack/Head/Front Photos: