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First Scent Work element titles achieved for Ziva!

Ziva and I earned her last legs in Novice Containers and Novice Interior yesterday. (and a 3rd place in Containers)

SCN and SIN will be added to her already long list of achievements on the back of her name :)

Ziva and I also earned her first two legs in Novice Exterior and her first leg in Novice Buried!! 2nd Place in Buried!!! WOW

One more leg in Novice Exterior and two more in Novice Buried to earn both of those element titles and her SWN (Novice title for all 4 elements titled within Novice). Hope that makes sense.

Thank you Janae Cunningham and Althea Gibson!!!! Never could have done it without such amazing instructors at KraftyK9!!! (and special shout out to Darcie...of course)

Novice Buried

Novice Exterior


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