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Issue 6 - Exercise

Take the time to read the following - even if you are a savvy dog owner, some of this may not have come to mind and/or are good reminders.  Please note that many suggestions are Leo specific! 



  • Your Leo will be ready to go with you whenever you will take him, but just a few words of caution here: Until his muscles have developed for the heavy bone they have it is wise to not strain the puppy. Just let him go at his own pace and however long he wants to run. So to take him jogging while growing up is not a good idea, the same for running up and down stairs or jumping in and out of a truck. This has to wait until he is about one year old to avoid damage to joints and bones.

  • However, to go on walks and play with him on his own terms (let him rest when he is tired) is very important.  

  • When it is hot and humid he should probably stay in the house. Cooling is almost impossible in a hot/humid climate. For those days he needs a kiddy pool or a water-mister to be able to cool off.

  • Children and dogs have to be supervised especially while the puppy grows up. Make sure not to have the children play tug games with the pup, as the puppy will have the feeling that the child is on his level and this is not what we want for safety reasons.  Try to never allow your child’s head to be below that of the dog…and make it clear that the children are higher in the pack than the Leo.  And remember that Leos are great with children, but they still are puppies with big puppy teeth and sharp/big puppy paws.

  • The Leonberger reaches his maturity about age 3 or even 4. At times he might grow only in the front and then only in the rear and might look awkward and lanky until he is fully mature.

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