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Longevity continues!!!

Julie Hatlas Pepper and I were so blessed with a breeding producing 6 out of 9 living to their Grey Muzzle award at 12yrs of age and one other living to almost 12.

Now we would like to announce 3 out of 9 are still alive after the age of 13 yrs!!!

Happy Birthday to the Three Transcendental Ladies that turned Thirteen on May 24th, 2021.

Grace - Bluebonnet's Duchess Grace of Acorn

Charlie - Acorn's Jealous Mistress of Bluebonnet

Sadie - Acorn's Jewel of the Nile of Bluebonnet

We sincerely miss all the infamous litter, but especially say a sad goodbye to the other three of the sensational six that are waiting at the bridge.

We love you and miss you always - thanks for the memories!!

Tessa - Bluebonnet's Duchess Contessa of Acorn

Maggie - Bluebonnet's Duchess of Argyll of Acorn

Zeus - Bluebonnet's Duke Zeus of Acorn


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