First Swimming Lessons! Roaring Litter Turns 5 wks old

All are taking to new adventures in great strides. It's hot in the Texas summer sun, but fans and lots of water are making it tolerable. They have all been in the pool and are now doing daily swim lessons. We also introduce a new apparatus each day - slide, tunnel, dog walk, see saw, etc. Despite store-bought treats, their favorite motivation still remains plain old-fashioned pumpkin! LOL. They play outside in the morning and thoroughly enjoy their routine midnight romps ... ha ha. These guys will be night owls, but they sleep wonderfully. All poops are happening outside now. Some have been on the ramp - I guess sometimes it's too hot to go further LOL. We had so many visitors this week -Bob/Lana/Nicole, Amy/Sean, The Prossers (including the little girls), and especially our Auntie Ashley (Hayden's girlfriend). Ashley helped for a week - we all adore her!! The puppies already miss her!

Pool Party

'Lion' Photos

Stack Photos - Girls

Stack Photos - Boys

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