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Puppy Challenge: Oskar earns his first Rally title (and CGCA/U)

Presenting Oskar - now Bluebonnet's On The Rocks Oskar Blue CGCA CGCU RN.

National Specialty was wonderful for Oskar:

Tuesday, April 10th - Judge Anna Lorenz

Rally Novice - leg 1

Thursday, April 12th - International Judge Denis Vernon (France)

12-18mth class - 1st Place

Thursday, April 12th - International Judge Sharon Springel (UK) Puppy Sweeps

12-18mth class - 4th Place

Friday, April 13th - CGC evaluator Ira Vanorder

earned CGCA and CGCU

Saturday, April 14th - Judge Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna

12-15mth class - 1st Place

Saturday, April 14th - (show 1) Judge Suzanne Hemminger

Rally Novice - 1st Place (leg 2)

Saturday, April 14th - (show 2) Judge Loretta Lazzara

Rally Novice - 4th Place - and NEW TITLE

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