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Bluebonnet Litter D (& Acorn Litter J) Turns A Monumental 12yrs old -- 6 out of 9 pups are sti

Julie Pepper and I are in such awe that 6 of our pups are still living and doing well (for a Gray Muzzle Leo).

Charlie (pics 1&2) still enjoys swimming and relaxing. Nothing seems to ruffle her feathers as she enjoys life. Charlie lives in Montana and Chicago with two of her Leo family as well as a couple German Shepherds.

Grace (pics 3,4&5) lives in Minnesota with her sissy Rory and has always been considered the princess.

Maggie (pics 6&7) lives in the Texas and that little mohawk is making me smile!!!

Tessa (pics 8&9) also lives in Texas enjoying life with her lil brother Beau that adores her. Tessa has always been the pack leader (somebody has to manage those silly boys).

Sadie (pic 10) lives in Michigan - what a soulful sweet girl - she celebrated with a pancake & peanut butter.

Zeus (pics 11&12) lives in Massachusetts and loves waiting for his ride to the park in the truck.

All 6 pups have amazing families and are surrounded by love. It brings tears to my eyes to realize what an incredible litter this has been. Watch for them in the Gray Muzzle Awards recognition at the LCA National Specialty next year.


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