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Long Overdue Updates

Pups in the On The Rocks litter are continuing to exceed in the show ring, performance, therapy, and Versatile Leo efforts!


GCH CH Bluebonnet's On The Rocks Ruffina THDN CGC

  • Ruffina is super close to her VL (Versatile Leo) as well as her Grand Champion BRONZE!

  • Jill and Ruffina have been hitting the Therapy scene very hard with every Sunday dedicated to working with those in crisis. Thank you Jill for sharing Ruffina with those in need.

  • Ruffina also took an amazing (and very rare for a female) Best of Breed in Dallas

Here were the results for Ruffina from the weekend July 5-7:

*parenthesis numbers represent counts (class males - class females - special males - special females)

  • Friday, July 5 (1-2-1-1)* Judge Jacqueline M Rayner - Ruffina BOS handled by David Harper

  • Saturday, July 6 (3-3-3-3)* Judge Mrs Debra L Thornton - Ruffina BOS handled by Jennifer Harper

  • Sunday, July 7 (2-3-2-3)* Judge Mr William Sahloff - Ruffina BOB handled by Jennifer Harper — Whoop!

  • Also, that weekend Ruffina was evaluated by Julia Brady, LCA BACL Examiner. It was a very positive experience, and great tool for all breeders. Ruffina’s list of strengths: "Balanced female with good size and substance, and level topline; Perfect front and rear with clean coming and going movement; Ideal Leonberger temperament; Beautiful coat with great length and feathering.”


CH Bluebonnet's On The Rocks Beesknees Hold The Olive CGC TKN

Linda and Olive have also embarked on the Therapy world and I know they are going to bring some amazing heart and warmth during their journey. Thank you Linda for sharing Olive with those in need.


Bluebonnet's On The Rocks Oskar Blue BN RI CGCA CGCU

Pam and Oskar have completed their Beginner Novice and Rally Intermediate and now have 5pts towards their Versatile Leo (VL). He just needs to finish his CHampionship (1 major needed). And might I also add that silly Oskar managed to lose a canine on the farm – it happens.


Bluebonnet's On The Rocks Pumking

Teddy has welcomed in a new baby (Samuel) into the Swanson household. Cuteness upon cuteness!!!

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