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Bluebonnet's Roaring Litter Turns 4wks

This has been such a busy week filled with all kinds of new experiences. They were 'escaping' from the plastic bin (wait station for nursings) and thankfully we were transitioning to gruel (which they love). All the pups are taking to being fed in the 'feeding area' (I have two rooms - the puppy den and the puppy feeding room - with a breezeway in between). They learned very quickly that food comes when we open the gate and they travel across to the other side. They love big dog food!! This also gives us time to clean up their den. Yesterday was their first venture to the play yard - out the doggie door and down the ramp. They were so excited (some sooner than later). Another learning experience is that they have become accustomed to Fiyero (our Aussie) barking at them while they eat. Some have even taken a huge liking to him. Ziva has been an amazing mom - couldn't ask for more from her. All new fleece adorned clothes (collars).

Thank you Lexy for visiting the pups - which girl will be yours??? hmmm... time will tell. And although Kenneth went back home, Ashley has come to help. All the doggies love her so much.

This next week we will introduce a new apparatus or experience each day. More to come...

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