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Savannah Marie Siraguse - October 26, 1994 - April 17, 2018

Savannah entered our lives with a perpetual ray of sunlight. She truly was 'Gold'. Her ability to make even the most mundane task pleasurable and fun will stay with us forever. Her smile filled the room, and her sense of humor was so on point with whit and charm. As we mourn the loss of Savannah, let us reflect on her giving spirit and love that will always remain part of the 'On The Rocks' litter of pups, as well as the litter of pups raised in Levelland - TippingPoint pups. Here are links to those litters. Lots and lots of videos with Savannah doing what she loved to do!!!! Please take some time to remember and view her love that can be seen and felt in these pictures and especially the videos! 'Member - Oh shore, I member'

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