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Mr. Gold and Mrs. Yellow from last years litter playing with their favorite toy. 

Breeding Plans

Fall 2023 BREEDING

Arya has been bred and confirmed pregnant.  Puppies are due Oct 7-9, 2023.  The puppies will be raised by Carrie and Lexy in Vermont (along with Wendy) and of course the Puppy Culture guidelines will be followed.

Arya lives in Vermont and helps out on the Ubuntu farm whenever she can.  Her life is shared with many creatures and she loves them all!  Best temperament ever!! From chickies to goats - all receive her love and compassion.


Titan lives in Canada and is stunning example of a lovely dark, full coated, male Leonberger.  He has the perfect temperament and is a true gentleman.  We are so honored to bring him into our lines!!

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Fall 2023 Breeding:                                 
BLUEBONNET'S ROARING ARYA OF WINTERFELL WARRIOR  x  OWAJILA TITAN AIGA MARINA DU TEMPLE D'ARTEMIS.  This is going to be an amazing combination.  It is a complete outcross with an incredibly low COI.  Both Titan and Arya are a couple of the best ambassadors of the breed!!                                            

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Winter 2023 BREEDING


Griselda is Wendy's Service Dog and does her job very well.  She loves all sports and activities and we have yet to find something that she doesn't take to quickly.  

She earned her AKC CHampionship at 6mths, her Grand CHampionship at 11mths, and is only a couple points from her Bronze.  Griselda earned her VLX and her Hall of Fame in 2022.

Griselda is a sweet girl and a wonderful addition to our family from the beginning.  She is a Bluebonnet line Leo and we are super excited to add her to our Breeding program... but most importantly as a service dog that is much needed for Wendy.

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Gray is from Leo Roar and Ziva.  There is nothing this boy can't do!! He is sweet and a great ambassador to the Breed. This combination will make for an amazing working dog combination.   

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           Winter 2023 Breeding:                                 
           GCHB CH West Mtn Griselda The Enchantress Of Bluebonnet BN CD RE FCAT ACT2J DD FDC CGCA                           CGCU TKE ATT FITG   x    GCH CH Bluebonnet's Roaring Warrior Celtchar The Gray RN ATT                                    

We are interested in a puppy

If you are interested in being considered for our puppy wait list,

fill in the form below. If you have questions please use our Contact us form. 

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Thank you for submitting! Please be patient during these times. You are on my list, and I will engage in conversation when I know I have puppies coming. Feel free to call anytime 832-515-1148.

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