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Mr. Gold and Mrs. Yellow from last years litter playing with their favorite toy. 

Breeding Plans

Fall/Winter 2022 BREEDING

Xena will be bred in Fall/Winter of 2022.  The puppies will be raised by myself and of course the Puppy Culture guidelines will be followed.

The incredible Xena The Princess Warrior!! She has amazing athletic skills and loves to play soccer goalie.  Xena has never met anyone that she didn't love...nor that didn't love her.  This girl is loaded with enthusiasm and can be the most calming soul at the same time.


Where to even begin about Cosmo.  One of the largest Leos out there and the temperament of an absolute teddy bear.  He lived to 12.5 yrs old and was the happiest dog ever.  He never met anyone or anything that he didn't love to his core.  I could tell countless stories or his spirit and ability to bring love and happiness to all.  Cosmo was a champion, a therapy dog, and our best soulmate ever.

Although he died nearly 10 yrs ago, there is hardly a day that passes that he doesn't cross our mind.

Paws crossed for some fast little frozen swimmers!!

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Fall/Winter 2022 Breeding:                                 
CH Bluebonnet's Roaring Xena The Warrior Princess ATT  x  Sentez Cosmo.  This is going to be an amazing combination.  It is with frozen, so it will be a tough go, but we are hoping for an incredible litter!!!                                           

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Winter 2022/2023 BREEDING


Lexi is sweet, loving, and Amy's perfect service dog.  She can go anywhere and partake in just about any activity due to Lexi's amazing temperament and ability to be there for Amy.  She’s super friendly to everyone and continues to steal hearts with her cheerful presence. 

Lexi earned her championship with her beautiful structure and incredible movement.  She is an excellent mamma - Being a mother is truly her calling!!


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           Winter 2022 Breeding:                                 
           CH Bluebonnet's Roaring Alexis The Warrior Defender ATT   x  TBD                                            

We are interested in a puppy

If you are interested in being considered for our puppy wait list,

fill in the form below. If you have questions please use our Contact us form. 

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Thank you for submitting! Please be patient during these times. You are on my list, and I will engage in conversation when I know I have puppies coming. Feel free to call anytime 832-515-1148.

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