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Racing To The Finish Line - Roaring Litter 7wks old

This week has been jam-packed with continued training and added exposures. On Saturday, September 7th we had a "Puppy Party" which involved several 'dog-minded' friends to help out. The puppies got to rotate stations which included: swimming, Olympics, Agility, Scent Work, Harry cuddle time, and Leash training. They all had loads of fun and by the end of it they were exhausted! Bob, Lana, Nicole and Celeste visited to celebrate Nicole's birthday with the pups...what better way to spend your b'day then getting lots of puppy kisses! Temperament tests were this week also and everyone did great! Now that they are finally getting bigger they are able to use the slides themselves! They can be found playing King of The Hill (slide) quite often. We are super excited about how outstanding these guys are and can't wait for their new owners to see them!

Puppy Party

Thank you Darcie, Amanda, Diane, Ashley, and Amy for making the party a successful exposure experience for them!

Mamma Time - Fun With Kale - Puppy Paw Prints

We love the slide!

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