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Basking in the summer sun by the pool! Bluebonnet's Roaring litter is now 3+ weeks old

Scroll through the slide show!

All are doing great and some are getting the hang of lapping from a bowl. They are getting used to different family members holding and playing with them. Sierra is a constant in their lives and is my true right hand. Ggma Luanne came to visit/help for a week. Darcie came to visit. Kenneth is here now (for a week). Shirley and Kim came to see the babies. Ashley is on her way this week to swap out with Kenneth. Kyle was here and will be back Sept 1st. And of course grandma Tiffanie was here for their entry and start in this world.

Everyone helps take care of Harry (after knee surgery) - dinners/ice packs/etc. YAY!!

Love these pups so much. Enjoy the pics.

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